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Here are some of the areas we cover for scrap vehicle recycling.

Areas Covered By Scrap Car Grimsby. 

Scrap Car Grimsby don’t just pay the best price for scrap vehicles… We also offer a FREE scrap car collection service to the people of Grimsby, Cleethorpes & Scunthorpe amongst other neighbouring towns.

We value the custom from all locals. Which is why we provide a FREE scrap car collection service in most local areas.


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Documents Needed When Scrapping Your Car

If the time has come where your car has finally died, you might just have to scrap it. If you have had your car for a long time, this can be pretty tough. On the other hand, you might be wondering if you need to go rummaging through your old documents from when you...

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6 Cars That Are the Most Prone to Faults

No matter how well you care for your car, the fact of the matter is that cars are not meant to last forever. There will come a time when there is going to be something wrong with your car. It could be due to a collision or perhaps just because the car itself has...

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Why You Might Want to Scrap Your Car in Grimsby

Eventually, there comes a day when your car is gone for good. Jumpstarting the engine won't even bring it back. Not that there’s much of a point, anyway, if the rest of the car is essentially a giant safety hazard. Fortunately, you don’t have to count the entire thing...

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Customer Reviews

  • Paul Swinton Avatar

    Easy to do, quick no fuss service - just get the job done.

    Paul Swinton 21/11/2019
  • Chris Marshall Avatar

    Excellent service throughout.
    Phoned up at 10:10 this morning and they had collected within 40 minutes.
    Paperwork sorted there and then and...
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    Chris Marshall 18/11/2019

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